Our first video is out: MTV Cribs from Esfahan, Iran

Our first video is out: MTV Cribs from Esfahan, Iran
15/04/2017 Lena Späth

We never told you. Because we didn’t know what would come out. But now we know. We are not only producing a book, we are also producing a documentary.

I wanted to create a small project film for the launch of the book, kind of a Kickstarter video, 2-3min wrapping up the book and the making of. Something we could use if we really decided to start a Kickstarter camppain. I asked a friend who is a filmmaker if he would join us for a weekend. Hamid agreed and spoke to other colleagues and friends about it. And came up with the idea of a documentary about the project.

The stories the book doesn’t tell

He wanted to follow the entire making of the book, tell the stories the book will not tell. A German girl going to  Iran to produce a book on interior design with her own money? How did she get to that point? What is her relationship with Iran about? The story seems interesting to Iranians and foreigners.

So what does that mean? Traveling with a photographer and a camera man, 500 hours of film material, recordings of skype calls between Iran and Spain and the goal to make a 30-45min documentary which could be sold to TV channels. Wanna have a look? Here comes our first short film.



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