When mercury retrograde hits your life

When mercury retrograde hits your life
08/12/2016 Lena Späth

You haven’t heard from me for a while – sorry for that. The reason for it? I blame special mercury retrogrades.

First my laptop’s hard drive broke meaning I was without my most important work tool in a country which is still under sanctions. Not everything is available and prices are higher as I was also far away from the capital. I was lucky that I could rely on my friend’s help (thanks again @Farzin) and that you can ship things cheaper and faster than in any western country by using the bus infrastructure.

Why ü becomes an ugly ue

This means I brought my laptop in a bag to the terminal, it then traveled with other passengers overnight from Yazd to Tehran. As it turned out, nothing could be fixed easily and fast. So another laptop made it’s way from Tehran to Bandar Abbas – my next stop. I am now working with my friend’s one on a U.S. keyboard. This explains why these days my German contacts receive messages in a strange version – every German ü is now turned into an ugly ue.

And another issue came up: no network connection. I am not talking about having a slow connection. I am talking about these rare last corners of the world where you can not even receive a call. That’s where I was. It was beautiful! It was an island in the Persian Gulf you should definitely travel to. But it is the reason that you hear late from me.

I also lost the one minute video about my 2 weeks in Tehran. Now you can only watch it on Instagram where I uploaded it earlier. Check it out here.

I promise I will catch up in the coming days and hope that you forgive me and mercury retrograde and keep on reading.

P.S. The wonderful image in this article belongs to Adam J. Kurtz. I love his scribbles! Follow him on Instagram, he makes your life brighter.

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  1. Emma 2 years ago

    Haha damn mercury retrograde! Good to hear from you 🙂

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