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Behind Closed Curtains – Interior Design in Iran

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For those who got inspired by Justina Blakeney’s The New Bohemians and traveled with TASCHEN through the world’s best homes comes here something unseen: beautifully designed houses in Iran. Peek inside the homes of artists, entrepreneurs, and architects in a barely known and mysterious country.

Have you always wondered how Iranians live? In Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran you find some extraordinary examples. With vibrant pictures, it opens the doors to 16 homes all over the country and shows what makes Iranian design and architecture so unique. Along the line, readers get to know the country, people, and stories behind the often closed curtains.

The author, Lena Späth:

Iran has one of the longest urban design history dating back more than 4,000 years. Persian builders and architects were employed for the construction of Babylon and the Taj Mahal. The focus of earlier, mostly scholar books has always been on the architecture itself not the decoration, furniture or handicrafts.

This 304-pages book is the first ever covering the topic of interior design in Iran. No matter if a designer is looking for inspiration or a traveler planning a trip to Iran, this book is the perfect introduction.

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  • “A beautiful and original book. A different perspective on Iran. Interior design is not often associated with a country tarnished by its recent political history. However, through the pages of Behind Closed Curtains one discovers an often forgotten tradition of beauty and, most interestingly, the foreign influences from the East to the West that have enriched it, in spite of a supposed isolation. The book is not a catalogue but an invitation not only to visit Iran but to live it.”

    Angeles Espinosa
    Angeles EspinosaEl País, lived in Iran from 2006 to 2011
  • “In a country where public life is most vividly played out in the home, this beautiful book provides a fascinating window into the values, hopes and dreams of modern Iran.”

    Oliver Wainwright
    Oliver WainwrightThe Guardian
  • “Behind Closed Curtains offers a rare, unprecedented view into the soul of contemporary Iran. Not just for the coffee table—it is a book you can actually learn from.”

    Florian Siebeck
    Florian SiebeckF.A.Z.

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Lena Späth (31) is a first-time author and publisher. She was born in Munich, Germany, and lived in Spain, Turkey, and Iran. Lena has an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from LMU Munich and worked for consulting, recruiting, and Internet companies. She analyzed the presidential elections in Iran, Google’s advance into the television sector or the latest trends in bohemian interior design. Lena cannot imagine a life without traveling; her idea for a perfect honeymoon is crossing Africa from north to south by car. Still, Iran is her greatest love.