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“In a country where public life is most vividly played out in the home, this beautiful book provides a fascinating window into the values, hopes, and dreams of modern Iran.”

Oliver Wainwright // The Guardian


  • 5-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads
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  • A visual journey through Iran’s architecture and design: 16 private homes
  • Special topics: Tiles, Persian Carpets, and DIY tutorials

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    For those who were inspired by Justina Blakeney’s The New Bohemians and traveled with TASCHEN through the world’s best homes, here comes something unseen: beautifully designed houses in Iran. Peek inside the homes of artists, entrepreneurs, and architects in a barely known and mysterious country.

    Have you always wondered how Iranians live? In Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran, you will find some extraordinary examples. With vibrant pictures, it opens the doors to sixteen homes all over the country and shows what makes Iranian design and architecture so special. Along the line, readers will get to know the country, people, and stories behind the often closed curtains.

    This book is the first ever covering the topic of interior design in Iran. No matter if you are a designer looking for inspiration or planning a trip to Iran, this book is the perfect introduction and for the 5 million expat Iranians, this is some nostalgia.

    With love from Iran to the world.

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    10 reviews for BOOK // Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran

    1. Vera Bellut

      Schade , daß das Buch nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar ist! Ich hätte es gerne gekauft.

      • Lena Späth

        Wir hoffen, dass wir irgendwann auch eine deutsche Version herausbringen können. Danke für den Tipp!

    2. keywan

      Super ich werde das Buch auf jeden Fall kaufen

      • Lena Späth

        Freut mich!

    3. Hamid

      Danke Ihnen für ihre mühe um mein Kultur zu vorstellen

    4. Monika Turnwald (verified owner)

      Danke für die Möglichkeit, dieses Buch bestellen, Reise im Oktober in den Iran mit Unternehmerinnen

      • Lena Späth

        Hallo Monika! Freut mich, dass das Buch als Vorbereitungen auf die Reise dient. Viel Spaß dabei!

    5. Hans-Jürgen Könecke

      Hallo Frau Späth,
      Kann ich das Buch, das mich sehr interessiert, auch in
      Deutschland bestellen?
      Viele Grüße
      H.-J. Könecke

      • Lena Späth

        Hallo Herr Könecke, Sie können das Buch hier über unsere Seite bestellen und entweder pr Vorauskasse oder Kreditkarte bezahlen. Klicken Sie dazu auf Buy the Book oben auf der Seite und folgen Sie den Anweisungen. Sollten Sie Probleme haben, schreiben Sie uns auch gerne an

    6. Maryam

      How could I order a copy? Thanks

      • Lena Späth

        Hi Maryam, sorry, but we had issues with our Iranian bank account. You can now again order from Iran! Please after transferring the money, send us a copy of the receipt to

    7. Saghi

      Hi , I’m Iranian but I’m living in United states. I just wonder how can I buy your book from States ? Is there any way ?

      • Lena Späth

        Hi Saghi, yes, you can also buy the book in our shop and we ship it to the US. We do ship worldwide!

    8. Saghi Baraghani

      Hi again,
      How can I buy it from States ? Cause the price is in other currency.

      • Lena Späth

        Happy to hear you want to order the book! You can do so, please check a currency converter for the exchange rate, e.g. . When paying with credit card the price will be automatically converted.

    9. A. Jalali

      Hi Lena,
      The topic of the book is really fresh even for me as an Iranian Designer. I haven’t purchase the book yet but I think is not difficult to get it in China.
      I have translated your introduction about the book into Persian and I have post it as my first writing in my blog. here is the address of my blog (I hope it is not against the regulation here, If so you can delete or let me know to repost my review)

      • Lena Späth (verified owner)

        Hey Ali! Thanks a lot for your comment. Nice that the book is helpful for you as an Iranian Designer. I will check out your blog as well and btw, we ship to book to China too 🙂

    10. Simineh

      Hi Lena,
      Thank you for your impressive book. As an Iranian, I couldn’t explain the culture and traditional art and architecture of Iran so impressible as you present in your book. Nowadays, it is not easy to display a nice face of Iran to others who didn’t visit Iran and surrounded by terrible politic news from Iran. Your book is publishing the original picture of Iran. Thanks for your efforts and I wish you all the success in further steps of your life.

      • Lena Späth (verified owner)

        Hi Simineh!
        Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy that you feel that the book is one piece of the puzzle towards a more authentic picture of Iran. Because that was our goal! All the best for you too.

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