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Who I am & what I believe in

About me

This is about undiscovered countries with great design.

I believe in a world where people wander around with open eyes and open hearts, respect other cultures and nature, and appreciate quality instead of quantity. Where not the loudest voice is getting the attention but all views; because you find actual magic in the synthesis of all stories. I believe that listening and learning is the key to happiness as communication connects our hearts and minds.

Interior Design in Underdog Countries

Out of this mentality grew the idea for a book on Interior Design in Iran. So far no one has written about it and actually, Iran is just one of the underdogs in the world of design. Hundreds of books have been published on Morocco or India but not on Zimbabwe, Burma or Bolivia when during my research I also stumbled upon excellent handicrafts or exciting architecture in these places. So why then Iran? Because it’s the country, I consider my second home. It is my way to bring Iran and its people into the houses and the hands of more people.

With this book, I am starting a small publishing house that wants to do things differently. If all goes well, the goal is to cover more countries. Do you want to know how everything started? Read about it here.

Who I am

Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran Lena Spaeth


My name is Lena Späth (31). I was born in Munich, Germany,  and enrolled in Middle Eastern Studies. I lived in Spain, Turkey and Iran and travelled a lot within the Middle East. You will find a tile from Iran, a carpet from Egypt and a lantern from Syria in my house.

Before producing Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran I worked for consulting, recruiting, and Internet companies and analyzed the presidential elections in Iran, Google’s advance into the television sector or the latest trends in bohemian interior design. I cannot imagine a life without traveling; my idea for a perfect honeymoon is crossing Africa from north to south by car. Still, Iran is my greatest love.

With Behind Closed Curtains: Interior Design in Iran I want to challenge the narrative on Iran most media companies follow. This book is my way to bring the country and its people into the homes and the hands of more people.