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DIY: Iranian Daybed


The common belief is that Iran has no tradition of furniture, but the oldest piece found in Iran is a chair that dates back to 6,000 BC. Over time, timber was introduced and woodworking became one of the country’s most elaborate and famous artisan traditions.

Still, it is true traditional Iranian homes seem empty to Western eyes, with carpets covering the floor, niches set into the wall as shelves, and bedding set up at night and tidied away every morning. Only by the 20th century had the mainly wealthy and middle classes adapted to use furniture widely.

But there exists one piece particular to Iran and a variation of its neighbouring countries in the East, the Takht. Literally meaning ‘throne’, it is an everyday copy of the beautiful marble or wooden benches of kings in Iran and India. Takhts are daybeds, padded with carpets and cushions and found in traditional restaurants, gardens, and, nowadays, also living rooms. It is something hard to bring back home from your travel, but easy to build yourself.

For a model measuring 79”x48”x27” (2×1,2×0,65m) you need:

  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill with Driver/Drill Bits
  • Varnish or exterior wood paint
  • 2-1/2” (minimum 55 mm) exterior decking screws
  • 4 boards – 2×4 @25-½” (equals 2,3x10x65 cm)
  • 11 boards  – 2×4 @44” (equals 2,3x10x115 cm)
  • 2 boards – 2×4 @48” (equals 2,3x10x119,6 cm)
  • 15 boards – 2×4 @72” (equals 2,3x10x180 cm)

Step 1: Either cut all the boards yourself or get it done at the home store. Then sandpaper them.

Step 2: To make the seat, attach 5 of the 44” or 115 cm long boards to 2 of the 72” or 180 cm long ones. Leave about 16” or 42 cm space between each.

Step 3: Attach the armrest (48” or 119,6 cm) to the two legs (25-½” or 65 cm).

Step 4: Add the supports (44” or 115 cm), one 14” or 35 cm and one 20-½” or 50 cm above the ground.

Step 5: Add another board (44” or 115 cm) underneath the lower one. It will be used to attach the seat frame.

Step 6: Attach the seat frame to the arms.

Step 7: Add the seat slats. Start with the first and the last to ensure a smooth finish.

Step 8: Attach the back (72” or 180 cm).

Step 9: Add the support board 20-½” or 50 cm above the ground on the same level as the arm support board.

Step 10: To finish, you can either use colorless varnish or paint the daybed with outdoor lacquer. You can also add wooden bed finials at the corners of the daybed. For a real Iranian experience, place a carpet on the seating area and bolster the back with cushions. Enjoy your summer nights!

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